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This section lists many attractions (walks, historical cities, ...) in the proximity of La Dauge

To help you we already placed some extra information and touristic hyperlinks about La Dauge and the area around it.

La Dauge is a part of the village La Bazeuge. La Bazeuge belongs to the department Haute-Vienne and the region Limousin. The Limousin region is one of the smallest and least inhabited regions of France. The hilly landscape is an alternation between meadows and leaf forests, ideal for hiking and cycling. The many rivers and lakes are perfect for watersports and fishing.

Because La Dauge is practically situated on the border of the Limousin region with the Poitou-Charentes and Centre, Val de loire regions, visiting these regions is always a possibility.

The regions:

In the house there is also a map with tourist information.

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Departements in the area.