Day trips

l'Ile aux serpents (30 km.)

The Ile aux serpents hosts more than just snakes. Also alligotars, crocodiles and other reptiles can be seen.

La Planète des crocodiles (50 km.)

This zoo in Civaux is specialised in crocodiles. The crocs are grouped in the 6 different areas of origin. It is possible to buy a combi-ticket together with "l'île aux serpents".

Le parc de reynou (75 km.)

The nature and animal parc situated around a 19th century castle will offer you the oportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. In the zoo you'll observe a large diversity of animals from 5 continents, while the nature parc shows you a great variety of colours.

La Vallée des Singes (85 km.)

In this animal park 30 different primates, with a total of 350 monkeys, room freely. A must-see activity with children.

Labyrinthe Végétal de Romagne (85 km.)

A gigantic labyrinth in a cornfield of 7 ha. Around the maze you'll find different food- and drinkestablishments.
This trip can perfectly be combined with a visit to "Le Vallée des Singes", because they are near eachother.

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Futuroscope (90 km.)

A futuristic themepark with many video animated attractions.