Caves and Megaliths


The caves of Lascaux are well known. They are "only" 200 km from the house. There are also some closer alternatives:

Menhir in the Monts de Blond
  • Roc-Aux-Sorciers, Angles-sur-l'Anglin (65 km)
  • La Grotte de Villars (120 km)
  • Les Grottes de Lamouroux (150 km)
  • La Grotte de Lascaux (200km)


In the Haute-Vienne and Vienne there are many places with megalithical constructions. Many times you will pass signs stating dolmen, Mégalithes or Menhir.

Most of the times it's only 1 menhir or dolmen. But at some places many are standing together.

  • Circuit des mégalithes: A tour around the Montains of Blond, you will discover different Megaliths.
  • Going in the direction of Lac de Mondon, you will pass the dolmen de Bouéry.