Limoges is the capital of the French region Limousin and the departement Haute-Vienne. The city is situeted next to the river Vienne. In 1786 kaolinite, the main ingredient for porcelain, was found, from this moment Limoges is well-known for it's porcelain.

Some places of interest:

The city hall of Limoges
  • City hall of Limoges
  • Cathedral of St. Étienne of Limoges, a fine example of the gothic building style. The cathedral is home of the crypte St.-Martial.
  • Musée Municipal de l'Evêché (former episcopal palace) with the following collections:
    • More than 300 peaces of enamel, from the 12th century till now.
    • Important Egyptian and Gallo-Roman artefacts
    • A mineralic collection
    • Paintings of which 2 paintings of Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919) a painter born in Limoges.
    • Beautiful constructed gardens, which can be visited freely
  • Musée National de la Porcelaine A. Dubouché (National museum of porcelain)
  • Station of Limoges, designed by the architect Gonthier

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